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After leaving her controlling and abusive relationship in 2006, Samantha has dedicated her life to raising awareness for others.  She didn't recognise the signs of domestic abuse until it was too late, which is why she continues working with others to share those early warning signs and be the support she never had. 


Samantha set up SODA, which raises awareness, reduces isolation and support those who have experienced domestic abuse, focusing on life after abuse. SODA provides an online safe haven for those who have experienced domestic abuse to come together without judgement. SODA also educates employers to empower and enhance their understanding and knowledge of domestic abuse in the workplace and the impact it has on employees.



SODA LeafletSODA Leaflet

Sam Billingham talks about her experience of domestic abuse on Late Night Clive

ICYMI: On last week's #LateNightClive, Sam Billingham chatted about domestic abuse and told us about her experiences - as well as what can be done to help survivors. Listen again ??

Posted by Black Country Radio on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

I strongly believe that the one thing that we can all do for victims of domestic abuse is raise awareness - Samantha Billingham